B sharp Music Recording Studio


Recording studio time:  $65 per hour (one hour minimum), additional time billed in 15-minute increments.  If Mixing service isn't desired, the recording studio time includes raw files recorded that day, if requested.

Mix-down time: $80 per hour (billed n 1/2 hour increments).

* Recording studio time is billed by the hour for the first hour and in 15-minute increments for additional time.
* Part of this time is spent obtaining the correct levels for vocals and instruments. This important aspect of the recording process takes time and the Artist will spend some time waiting for this to be done by the engineers. This may take between 10-20 minutes depending on the instruments/vocals used.
* Artist may request raw files (unmixed) to mP3 format.  If mixing is requested, allow 7 days to complete.

* Patching or over-dubbing to correct mistakes will be done on Mixing Time.
* Files may be sent to Artist by email or copied to a thumb drive (provided by Artist).
* If Artist requests files burned to a cd, the rate is $15 for the first CD and $5 for each additional CD.  Allow 2 days to complete this process.
* If music being recorded is not the Artist’s original works, Artist agrees that the files are not for commercial use (may not sell) in order to stay in compliance with copyright laws.

Our engineers will help to create a fun, relaxing and professional environment for the recording process.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can make your experience enjoyable!