October 171, 2020 (Saturday), 11:00 am:-1:30 pm

Fall Recital

Coeur d'Alene Library

Join us for our annual Fall Recital! Pianist, Guitarists, and Singers! Free!

B sharp Music Studio Newsletter August 2020

Hi everyone!
I want to start off with a couple quick updates for you.

Mask Mandate: I called Panhandle Health District last Friday and spoke with them about the new mask mandate and how we are to proceed in the studio.  Since the studio is not open to the general public as a walk-in service (you must have an appointment to come to the studio), our regulations are a bit different than if I had a commercial studio space.  Basically, they said that if we are able to maintain a 6-ft space, we don’t need to wear masks.  That’s easy for singers and guitarists.  As far as piano students go, although we need to sit close together, masks are not required since the studio is not open to the general public.  If any of you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, you are welcome to do that.  If you would like me to wear a mask for piano lessons, I will do that for you.  I will remain diligent in wiping down surfaces, door handles, and the keyboard after each student.  If coming in to the studio isn’t your comfort level, I will offer Facetime or Zoom lessons if you prefer.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Mini Recital on August 28th has been cancelled.  We have too many students on vacation on that date.  While we were SO excited to finally have a performance is the near future, it’s a tough time to gather folks indoors when the weather is so nice and they want to get away on vacation. 

Fall Recital:  The good news is that I was able to secure a date at the Cd’A Library for our Fall Recital!  Saturday, October 17th 11:00.  If we are unable to have a performance at the Library that day, we will still have a virtual recital! This may mean that you video at home and send it to me and I host a Facebook Live performance of those videos, or we may do it at the studio and have everyone stagger in to perform.  Those are details that we can figure out as it gets closer, but we will have a Fall Recital one way or another!You may sing/play one or two songs.
The theme for singers is Mystery Box Artist!  (Your first song is any genre that you want, but if you choose to do a second song, it has to be out of the Mystery Box.) Some of you will be excited about this and some will groan, but it’s always fun! I have written down the names of artists on slips of paper and you will draw out a name.  Then, you may have a little research to do to listen and find songs by your artist.  You can change up the song by raising or lowering the key, making faster or slower, using different instrumentation, etc.  You get to make it your own and that’s the fun part!
Guitarists and Pianists, we will find something that you are comfortable playing in your skill level.  You can even sing with your instrument as well if you want!

Speaking of Fall…it’s August and that means talking about Fall schedules.  I know it’s a bit different this year not knowing what the school year looks like.  I’m scheduling this Fall just like I would if school were in session with after school hours Monday-Thursday and  Monday and Wednesday mornings for home-schoolers. Students who had lessons last Spring may keep the spot they had earlier this year.  Please confirm that you want to keep your spot by August 21st. If you don’t confirm your spot, it will be given to someone on the waiting list.

Own your progress – Whether you are a singer, pianist, guitarist, or a combination of those, I am motivated and inspired to help you take charge of your own progress.  We often talk about goals and what you want to get out of your lessons.  I can teach you in the studio, but you are responsible for putting in the time during the week if you want to see progress.  Let’s brainstorm on ways for you to be able to do that consistently. Be prepared to tell me one or two goals that you have as a musician and let’s make it happen!

 Stay healthy: Thank you all for being so flexible with the changing regulations and rules for lessons in the studio.  Please remember if you are sick, even with a little cold, you must stay home.  It is important for families to know that they are attending lessons in an environment that is as safe as possible for the health of the entire family.

Cancellations:  Since we must be so strict about staying home if you’re sick, I am relaxing my usual 24-hour notice for cancellations when you’re sick.  There will be no charge for late cancellations UNLESS someone repeatedly cancels at the last minute.  If I find that there is an issue with that, I will address the situation with that student.  Otherwise, I ask that you be respectful of my schedule and just let me know as soon as possible if you can’t make it due to illness.  I am still enforcing the no-show policy of charging for a lesson that you don’t cancel and don’t show up.

HOUSEKEEPING: I will be putting this in each newsletter as long as it’s warm since I get new students all the time. 
The warm weather is here and with it, a couple things I need to mention. Although the studio is technically a commercial location because of the business, it is still my home and I need to add a couple “rules”.  In the backyard, there is a large water feature.  PLEASE don’t stand on the rocks or dip anything into the water.  I don’t want you to get hurt and there are chemicals in the water to keep it clean.  You are welcome to enjoy it with your eyes and ears. I don’t mind at all if you want to sit on the patio while you are waiting for your lesson.
 I must also ask that you not bring your animals to your lesson.  Some of my students have animal allergies. Also, although I have a yard, my landscaping is not set up for animals and we aren’t fond of picking up animal waste.  Thank you for understanding.

T-shirts on sale! I have new colors and sizes of t-shirts to print up, but need to clean out some of the inventory we have.  T-shirts in the lobby are on sale for $10 in August!

August 1st – August 31st:  Stay safe and positive and make music! Set goals.  Practice every day.  Be kind to each other.
August 21st:  Deadline to keep your lesson spot from last Spring.
September 7th:  Labor Day.  Studio closed.

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